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Fish in the River Kampar Riau Irrawady

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Irrawaddy Dolphin fish appeared on the Kampar River in Riau. That recognition of some residents on the banks of the river of the beholder. Swarm consisting of 4 fish is swimming against the tide with a style like a dolphin. Dive as far as about 30 yards later appeared on the surface to breathe air. Irrawaddy Dolphin fish, also known as freshwater dolphins, which are usually found in the Mahakam River of Kalimantan.
Really this news? Or just issue as well as smoke and fire coming out of an ancient volcano Langgeran pecking Gunungkidul raised by some time ago?
According to WWF activist, is something strange if Irrawaddy Dolphin fish found in rivers Kampar Riau because so far not known to exist in this area. The size of a large fish will quickly known to exist. Irrawaddy Dolphin Habitat of fish in Indonesia is the Mahakam River and River Sesayap east Kalimantan. Check out the article about the Irrawaddy Dolphin fish following:
Not many people know the existence of Irrawaddy Dolphin in Sesayap River, East Kalimantan. Until finally, on April 7, 2005 and an Irrawaddy Dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) was found stranded on the side of the river village of Malinau Seberang.To prove the existence of the Mahakam River Irrawaddy Dolphin Sesayap, Hall KMNP (BTNKM) sent some personnel and establish Irrawady Sesayap Survey Team.
Sure enough, Sesayap River is another habitat of the Irrawaddy Dolphin Mahakam. In the course of the past Sesayap River, I could see some tail Irrawaddy Dolphin.Unfortunately for Irrawaddy Dolphin pictures documenting required patience and skill.Irrawady move very fast and unpredictable direction of swimming, not like other Dolphinidae family members.
Community Sesayap called Irrawaddy Dolphin with lamud, meaning dolphin.According to the story of local community leaders, lamud was "a man who became a fish." Humans who become Irrawaddy Dolphin is a person who ordered the king to look for her favorite ring that fell into a river. Based on a story that's being lamud (Irrawaddy Dolphin) is protected by the surrounding community. This is an automatically establish indigenous communities to conserve the Irrawaddy Dolphin Sesayap and let live side by side.
In addition Irrawaddy Dolphin also plays an important role in the food chain of aquatic ecosystem Sesayap River. Irrawady tingakat can serve as indicators of water pollution and land degradation in the river upstream Sesayap. Therefore, the presence on the River Irrawaddy Dolphin Sesayap need to be protected to the optimum.
source: (include images Irrawaddy Dolphin fish)

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